Star India — CLEAR™, a media ERP solution


Prime Focus Technologies,
Bangalore, India


UX/UI Lead, Branding, Visual Design


2011 – 2016

This was a big one by PFT — transitioning STAR TV’s content management to the cloud. The PFT team successfully deployed the world’s first integrated, multi-platform content operation infrastructure specifically meant for broadcasters, a file-based solution built on their award-winning CLEAR™ Media ERP platform. Over a span of 5 years, I helped PFT conceptualise and design multiple cutting edge product interfaces for Star.

Content Live

2011 – 2013 / 18 Months

A pioneering concept, Content Live is an online storage platform to access, view and review shows, promos & commercials. Since we had no equivalent product to pitch ourselves against, we began work from scratch. I first developed the user experience for a browser based interface. Then, based on its huge success, I designed an iPad interface that soon became the go-to tool for all programme managers within Star.

Star UI
Star UI
Star UI

Star Sports — Story Teller

2014 / 2 Months

Soon after, the Star Sports team needed a tool to quickly mash-up live streams and create short story snippets for their web portal. This had an accompanying video player with advanced features like overlaid milestones and commentary, that are specifically required for sports. Again, we developed separate versions for both the browser and the iPad.

Star UI
Star UI

Star TV — Production Live

2015 – 2016 / 6 Months

A conceptual exploration to see if we could bring together script writers, directors and production managers to one platform, this interface was designed to meet day to day requirements. Scripting, breakdown, scheduling and production all on a single mobile interface. Ease of use and quick interactions were the primary criteria for this user experience.

Star UI

Cricket — Live Tagging

2013 / 1 Month

During a cricket match, all the key meta data associated with the game is captured on a ball by ball basis. It can be quite an intense activity, requiring both man power and training. This innovative interface was designed for a touch screen and tailored for the complex data model requirements of each match. Users could capture all the relevant data within just a few seconds, in the time taken between one ball and the next.

Star UI

Star Sports — Mobile App

2013 / 3 Month

Quite a while before they launched HotStar, Star began to experiment with a mobile based user experience for sports content. My design criteria was clarity of presentation, with a focus on live stream, audio commentary and highlights. Since most sports fans pledge their loyalty to one sport, we created clear verticals and moved the navigation to an easy access swipe panel.

Star UI
Star UI
Star UI